1. Badgers and Australia suffer humiliating losses

    SLIC match report 23rd Feb 2017 — by Martin Cloke
  2. Badgers reclaim South-London Ashes

    KRCSC match report 29th Jan 2017 — by Chris Shone
  3. “I do!” (as long as you let me play cricket tomorrow)

    Itinerants match report 18th Jan 2017 — by Chris Shone
  4. Flooded again

    Faire match report 14th Jan 2017 — by Chris Shone
  5. Chocaholics Anonymous

    Kingstonian match report 13th Jan 2017 — by Robin Mackrell
  6. Spinning is winning

    Wimbledonians match report 11th Jan 2017 — by Josh Lee
  7. Single O Seven

    Seveno match report 10th Jan 2017 — by Josh Lee
  8. You only bat twice

    KRCSC match report 7th Jan 2017 — by Peter Warman
  9. Jan, Bam are all man

    Seveno match report 20th Nov 2016 — by Peter Cade
  10. Foord runs over Hawk

    Hawks match report 26th Aug 2016 — by Peter Cade
  11. Halo? Is it Lee you’re looking for?

    White Sox match report 22nd Aug 2016 — by Chris Shone
  12. Cornish Pasting

    Merton match report 21st Aug 2016 — by Paul Cole
  13. Game of Cricket

    Thesps match report 28th Jun 2016 — by Peter Warman
  14. Battered King’s Road no longer at boot camp: they’re at War Man!

    KRCSC match report 27th Jun 2016 — by Chris Shone
  15. Badgers defy belief

    Believers match report 9th Jun 2016 — by Richard Dollimore
  16. Badgers STAGnate

    Thesps match report 8th Jun 2016 — by Chris Shone
  17. Never run with an Australian (if your name is Jinks)

    Southbank match report 6th Jun 2016 — by Chris Shone
  18. Very keen to get going

    Hampstead match report 5th Jun 2016 — by Peter Cade
  19. St Badger’s first letter to the Corinthians

    Corinthians match report 9th Oct 2015 — by Martin Cloke
  20. Last Chance Saloon

    Seveno match report 8th Oct 2015 — by Richard Dollimore
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