For the second year in succession, the game between the Badgers and Faire is the XI was called off due to rain. Having scored 180 from their 35 overs, the Badgers were forced to leave the field with Faire on 65/4, still 116 from victory and with only 15 overs remaining.

Despite the damp outcome, the game will still be remembered for Badger heroics from Mcluskey with the bat and Dollimore with the ball. Stew Mac made the most of his opportunity to open, chopping and prodding, scything and driving, until he left the field with thirty-nine runs – the top score of the day.

Dollimore earned himself a full 7-over spell thanks to some devastating swing bowling that brought a return of 4 wickets for very few runs. Three batsmen clean bowled and one caught behind were just reward for a spell more searching than Ask Jeeves and Lycos combined. Hoping for his first ever fiver-fer, he was denied only by resolute defence from the Faire lady-opener. Eyebrows were raised when he struck her square on the helmet when throwing the ball in from the boundary later in the game but it was quickly attributed to a genuine accident when everyone remembered that none of us can really aim that well.

Sadly, despite playing through drizzle for a good half hour, the downpour worsened and the players were forced to leave the field. The Badgers quickly rescued their extremely wet kit and retired to the pub to investigate the Duckworth-Lewis method.

Saturday 3rd September 2016 Badgers Battersea Badgers vs Faire Faire is the XI

Battersea Badgers 180 for 6 (35 overs)

  • Mcluskey 39 (77)
  • Foord 29 (19)
  • Shone 28 (45)
  • Unknown 2/29 (6)
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