After a sub sub par performance the previous weekend, the Badgers were keen to get back to winning ways, and this match did that. Just.

When the match started the brightest thing around was the landing lights of the planes overhead. When we finished 3 hours later at 9pm, it was so dark that it was a small miracle that no difficult umpiring decisions had to be made, as seeing anything was bloody difficult!

After losing the toss and being inserted the Badgers got off to an excellent start with the first 4 batsmen all making their 25’s and retiring gracefully. Noticeably, Will Kenton, on debut, played some effortless back foot shots and was later awarded Man Of The Match. Oli Blench also made a strong impression, especially with the huge six off a bouncer that he could easily have been wearing. The middle and lower order contributed in fits and starts, and after what looked like a nailed on 180 – 200 total, it was all done at 147 for 3 from 20 murky overs.

As the Badgers marched out to field there was a definite sense that the match was there to be won, but quite rightly the opposition were thinking the very same.The Badgers bowling fired from the off, with Allwood and Dodd both bowling tight lines and getting early success. Despite the efforts of Joe Peach who found the ball to be more like a hot potato than the soggy, swollen round-ish thing that it was. By contrast, Karl Larsson produced possibly the catch of the match running forward and taking the ball at his toes. Martin Fitzgerald kept the pressure on and was unlucky not to get more success. Although he did make up for it with his subsequent Strictly Come Dancing impersonation - more of which in a minute.

Subsequent bowling changes brought James Beeken and Karl Larsson to the crease, and whilst both did leak some runs, they also did create chances. Including Simon Dodd showing that not all older gentlemen are as agile as perhaps they once were.

Before the Badgers knew it the oppo were very much back in the match and peering through the dark at the scoreboard it was going to get awfully tight.

Three key moments checked the oppo as they thought they were rushing to a victory.

James Hamblin bowling with control and grabbing 3 quick wickets, including a steepling catch taken by Joe Peach (more than making up for earlier) that almost flattened Oli Bleach.

3 runouts, which were all self-inflicted.

And possibly the key moment of the match when only another 15 (?) runs were needed from the last over and a half. Martin Fitzgerald lurking in the dark at Short 3rd Man had just been wrong footed by a viciously spinning ball and another 4 was scored. The next ball did exactly the same, but in the style of Ian Rush (go and have a look for those too young) Martin jinked left and right and somehow got in the way of the ball. A certain 4 runs saved, and possibly the match as well.

From there very tidy last overs from Sam Allwood and James Hamblin kept the final batsmen in check, but it all came down to 4 from the last ball for the oppo to snatch it.

It didn’t happen. Well, we don’t think it happened, as no one could see anything!

After 3 hours of a match that could easily not had happened due to the weather both sides shook hands warmly having all enjoyed a tight fun match that had been played in exactly the right spirit.

So, Captain Allwood had his first victory under his belt and the Badgers march on.

Thursday 16th May 2024 His Majesty's Treasury and Cabinet Office His Majesty's Treasury and Cabinet Office vs Badgers Battersea Badgers

Battersea Badgers 147 for 3 (20 overs)

  • Peach 29 (20)
  • Cornish 28 (9)
  • Kenton 28 (24)
  • Blench 27 (28)

His Majesty's Treasury and Cabinet Office 144 for 9 (20 overs)

  • Unknown 33 (12)
  • Unknown 27 (20)
  • Unknown 23 (27)
  • Hamblin 3/27 (4)
  • Dodd 2/7 (2)
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