As is traditional for our midweek T20s, this match was late getting started - the rumour was that our civil service opponents were having to stay in the office to demonstrate to the Minister for Brexit Opportunities and Government Efficiency that they deserved to remain in employment.

And speaking of tossers, Rexy lost it again, but the Badgers were kindly given the chance to bat first in the evening’s brightest conditions. It didn't look like we would take advantage initially though, as HMT’s strong opening bowlers claimed the early wickets of Robin and Toby. Steve then held up an end while Ben counter-attacked, with the new ball travelling fast over the dry (dare we say, Australian-like?!) outfield.

The Badgers were around 60 at the halfway stage with Ben retiring not out after passing 25 and the match nicely poised, but our middle order then fired in style to launch us to a very imposing score. On Badgers debut, Pete's first scoring shot was a six - not to be outdone, Jim opened his account with one too. Several lusty blows later both retired not out and laid a platform for the tail to scamper our way (via a classic Cade runout) to 168/9.

As dusk fell, our openers kept things equally tight, with Sam getting an early wicket. After ten overs HMT were similarly placed to where the Badgers had been, but a big psychological blow was struck when - after Cade and Toby had effected a very untidy but successful run out - their skipper fell for a duck to a superb catch by (his colleague) Cade at short cover.

As darkness fell it became harder for the batsmen to find the middle of the bat. Pete bowled a mixed bag and claimed three wickets, as did that man Cade with a more consistent spell. A couple more great catches were taken by Robin, a steepler over his shoulder at mid on, and by Toby standing up behind the stumps in near darkness.

Ben claimed the tenth wicket to wrap up an ultimately comfortable Badgers win, with Pete being voted Badger of the Match on debut for his superb all-round performance.

Tuesday 17th May 2022 HMT/CO Her Majesty's Treasury and Cabinet Office vs Badgers Battersea Badgers

Battersea Badgers 168 for 6 (20 overs)

  • Cornish 29 (14)
  • Hamblin 28 (15)
  • Taylorson 27 (11)

Her Majesty's Treasury and Cabinet Office 116 for 10 (19.1 overs)

  • Unknown 27 (0)
  • Cade 3/16 (3.1)
  • Cornish 2/10 (2)
  • Taylorson 2/31 (3)
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