11 fresh faced Badgers arrived at Addington 1873 in plenty of time reading to face Addiscombe in a pre-season friendly for them, just a normal match for us. Upon closer inspection, fresh faces might have been a bit punchy as Chris White greeted me with a massive yawn. We had a new name to welcome to the sett, in Sam Allwood - excellent punning potential, and a return to the Badger colours for Justin Pursell.

Rexy with his newly donned captains armband strode out to the wicket with the oppo captain to determine it was indeed a pudding as Toby had warned. Thankfully he won the toss and put the oppo in, keen to use see what type of pudding it was.

A quick answer to that question arrived in the first, very eventful, over. A mystery trifle, mainly with disappointing lows but the odd pop of spice. Chris White took the new seed eager to set the tone - 3 wides, 2 no balls (one which disappeared into a neighbours garden for 6) and a wicket seemed about right. 23-1 off 1 over. By the end of the 10th over Addiscombe had scrambled to 38-3. Chris tightening things up and Jimbo firing down a miserly 5 overs 2-2 for their opening spells.

Some continued tight bowling from Allyn (5.2 overs 1-11, showing no signs of rust having not picked up a ball since September) and debutant Sam (6 overs 1-13). Drinks were taken a little early with Addiscombe 54-5 after 18ish overs. Our early drinks and Allyn’s 5.2 overs was good very unfortunate for our ever youthful teacher. With the ball slammed back hard at him, Allyn fending the ball away managed to deflect the ball onto the stumps for a 100% “intentional” run out. However, with this deft bit of skill he managed to gain a gaping hole in his finger and a small fracture. We’ll see you in a few months fully healed Allyn! Big thanks go to one of the oppo players who drove Allyn to the minor injuries clinic and then Croydon A&E because he’s a major player.

Rexy, Shone and Cornish finished off the bowling for us. Oh and Cadey bowled well and got 2 wickets too! The new skipper picking up a wicket to go with batting at 3, ensuring captains privilege remains well intact. The penultimate wicket fell for a far more comical and needless run out. Jim launching the ball from fine leg to the bowlers end with both batsmen standing next to each other next to Fitzy. A little nod should go to him too, it’s not easy keeping on a trifle!

A nice little cricket tea, with cups of tea too, followed before yours truly and Fitzy strode to the crease. We were still deciding who would face first ball as we walked out. Me having not netted all winter, or Fitzy, and I quote “having batted like a c*** at nets getting my castle rearranged”. I took strike. This dastardly openers with a new ball and accurate bowling felled of us and Rexy, before Shone and Justin took the attack to the bowling. Settling things down they put on 48 for the 4th wicket, Justin falling for a well made 22. Shoney continued nicely with Benno before he too fell for a lovely little 24. Cornish had to now put his attempted and failed lofted drive away now, resorting to some lusty cover drives and cuts along the floor instead. Much better. He ably supported by Sam took us to 12 short of our total. Cadey joined him at the crease and Ben levelled the scores with a better judged 6 over long on. Bizarrely Addiscombe left the field back with scores tied so Ben bunted the ball to long on and trotted through to seal the victory. Finishing on 54* and taking the Badger of the Match award with him as well.

A good all round performance on the field was followed by some delicious suds courtesy of Fitzy before most disappeared home. Those tram bound took a can for the road and then, as you do, decided to take a little refreshment break in Croydon’s ‘spoons. Lovely jubbily.

We have the Interbadger next week before returning to the friendly season against Southbank in Dulwich.

Saturday 23rd April 2022 Addiscombe Addiscombe vs Badgers Battersea Badgers

Addiscombe 146 for 10 (37.4 overs)

  • Unknown 53 (0)
  • Unknown 22 (0)
  • Hamblin 2/9 (6)
  • Cade 2/19 (5.4)

Battersea Badgers 147 for 8 (27 overs)

  • Cornish 54 (41)
  • Shone 24 (31)
  • Purcell 22 (20)
  • Unknown 2/28 (8)
  • Unknown 2/28 (4)
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