The Battersea Badgers played a ten-man Thespian Thunderers team in Hampton Wick for a well contested match that ultimately saw the Badgers victorious.

The Badgers lost the toss and were inserted by the Thesps, walking out to a sloping and undulating pitch that promised an interesting game.

A strong Thespian bowling attack cut into the Badger top order with 4 of the top 5 wickets falling for only 17 runs between them. Le Page, Goodwin and Muir all bowling tight lines and taking wickets. Steve Thomas, alone in offering resistance, faced 78 balls on his way to a stubborn and increasingly fluid 38, as wickets fell around him. Thomas' steadfastness was rewarded when he and Foord, batting at 6, built a counter-attacking partnership that moved the Badgers from a fragile 46 for 4, to a more robust 119 for 5. Foord's aggressive scoring rate was ably matched by both Lain and Dollimore, striking quickly and cleanly from the outset to continue the momentum shift from Thespian to Badger. Foord's fine innings eventually ended for 53 runs, with the Badgers on 166. Dollimore and Rex, as not out batsmen, pushed the score on to 183 for 7 at the end of the innings. A sharp Thespian bowling attack was well blunted by an excellent Badger lower order batting performance to leave the game well poised.

It should be noted that the absence of the 11th Thespian fieldsman was not obvious to the batting side - a testament to the quality of Thespian bowling during the match. The Thesps caught well and stuck to their task.

The Badgers took to the field, with Blake and Rex opening the bowling for a four-over spurt. Rex's two-over spell accounted for one of the Thespian openers, before giving way to Dollimore who bowled through his overs, ending with figures of 20-1. Dollimore bowled a spell which could of (and probably should have) been more greatly rewarded. Blake's first spell ended with a wicket; a slower ball brilliantly caught by Lain in gully (7-1 off 5). Cade replaced Blake bowling 5 overs and taking 25-2. Some fine turning balls caused great excitement; some 'less orthodox' deliveries took the wickets. Lain entered the attack bowling a sharp spell and claiming 19-2. The Thespians counter-attacked themselves with Captain Muir looking calm and effective in their middle order, piling on runs and building Thespian confidence. Cade called for Blake to rejoin the attack and a well contested personal battle between bat and ball eventually saw the Badgers victorious; a thick edge carrying through to Fitzpatrick behind the sticks. A well deserved catch rewarding a fine keeping performance. Lower order striking from the Thespian's 'Specialist Fielder' - Lam, saw a flurry of runs close the gap on the Badger total, but skipper Cade was able to call on Hamblin to join the attack with immediate effect, taking the last wicket with his second ball.

Thesps all out for 151. Badger win by 32 runs. Badger of the Match awarded to Pedro Lain for a run-a-ball 17, fine catch and 19-2.

Sunday 19th August 2018 Thespian Thunderers Thespian Thunderers vs Badgers Battersea Badgers

Battersea Badgers 183 for 7 (40 overs)

  • Foord 53 (62)
  • Thomas 38 (78)

Thespian Thunderers 151 for 9 (30.2 overs)

  • Unknown 30 (0)
  • Unknown 26 (0)
  • Lain 2/19 (5)
  • Blake 2/25 (8)
  • Cade 2/30 (5)
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