A balmy mid-June evening in South Wimbledon greeted the first match of the season against the Thespian Thunders, and an opportunity to put right some of the wrongs in the first T20 of the season against HMTCO. However, the show was waiting on numerous Badger stars before it could begin. Most notably, Shoney who was carrying the team kit (including the stumps). Taken from his boot before he could put the handbrake on, the set was ready and the match could finally begin….

Josh fell early on but his demise brought together a stellar double act. Mackrell and Fitzpatrick, perhaps the new Robson and Jerome, but more likely the vanquishers of the Thepsian attack. Some meaty blows on a good pitch saw Robin race to 44 before being caught by a brave actor who couldn’t get out of the way. Fitzy meanwhile scripted a delightful 24 including some glitzy drives and glamourous cuts. By the time they had both fallen, they had whisked the Badgers onto 101/5 with plenty of overs left to cut loose. Enter Benno from stage left and Martin R from stage right. The Badgers hadn’t seen running like it since Jan last graced the stage. In no time at all, and in a partnership of 69 the Badgers had reached 170/6, Martin going for a well constructed 19. It left Ben to put the final coat on the backdrop, caught out for 57, but not before guiding the Badgers to a mammoth 192/7 from their 20. Excitingly a new record T20 score for the Badgers…they are there to be broken though!

The second act began, and the Badgers knew this was no foregone conclusion, there is always room for a plot twist. Things began steadily for the Thesps, taking advantage of any slightly wayward bowling, but Rhori would deliver the first blow. Clean bowling one of the openers opened the door, could the Badgers force their way through it? Glyn and Jonny Muir were dangerous foes, and the Badgers knew they need to get rid of them quickly. The ball was thrown to Foordy, 6 balls later both were gone, clean bowled and victory looked in sight. As the match continued, the storyline was already set, Badgers to win and where to go for curry on the agenda….. The Thesps decided that they would make us sweat a bit more, exactly what one needs before a cheeky Bhuna. Some lower order hits took them over the 100 mark, but they finished their 20 on 111/9.

Wickets shared around the cast, 2/17 for Cadey and 3/15 for Foordy the stand outs. BOTM went to Foordy, and a surprisingly nice curry in the dodgy looking curry house drew the curtain on an all-round superb Badger performance.

Wednesday 13th June 2018 Badgers Battersea Badgers vs Thesps Thespian Thunderers

Battersea Badgers 192 for 7 (20 overs)

  • Cornish 57 (35)
  • Mackrell 44 (35)
  • Fitzpatrick 24 (23)
  • Unknown 2/30 (4)
  • Unknown 2/32 (4)
  • Unknown 2/34 (4)

Thespian Thunderers 111 for 9 (20 overs)

  • Unknown 24 (0)
  • Unknown 23 (0)
  • Foord 3/15 (4)
  • Cade 2/17 (3)
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